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Article written/researched by Vivienne Peterson BA - First published 2007 - Copyright Protected


Written critiques of show dogs have been published for over a hundred years. Most modern critiques are informative and rarely highlight faults.

For those of you who may have had an adverse comment take heart – here is a selection of comments made between 1896-1898 demonstrating that our modern reviews are much more tactful.


"The large whites who set the ball rolling were only represented by Ch Konig of Rozelle, whom we have seen in better coat, and his brother Rex of Rozelle."

and one year later….

"Ch Konig of Rozelle was reserve, the lowest point he has reached for many years, but he was looking out of coat, and old by the side of younger dogs, and as they say, youth will win."

Note: Konig was born in 1891 and was now 6yrs old – he died later that year- his photo right and top left

"It was a pity to see the Hon Mrs Chetwynd’s pretty toys entered in the wrong class, as of course they lost all chance of competing."

"Viva ought to have won. She is very timid, but her refusal to prick her ears was so plainly only nervousness, that it ought to have gone for nothing in comparison with her great superiority in other points." (photo left) 


"It is sad to see Queen Bee fallen from her high estate; but she is still a very good pom, and was first in the consolation class."


'With the good English-bred poms now being shown the imported blacks compare rather unfavourably. There were only two newcomers in the Novice, “Made in Germany” who might have remained there, and Mrs Thomas’ “ Kaffir Boy”.'


"….it looked a safe win for Chocolat, but, though his tail and ruff nearly hid the fact, the coat on his back is barely an inch long…"

"Moorland Brownie is not looking well, and the white spot on his nose is painfully visible." (photo right) 


"King Pippin won the Championship over 8lbs. He was in splendid coat and form, but his eyes are looking very bad, and we fear he will lose the sight of one, though at the Palace he could see perfectly." (Note: Crystal Palace was the site of a dog show)


"Moorland Pixie is a wreck of his former greatness."


"Queen of Coquettes, it must have taken a strong hearted judge to refuse her a prize, after the way she walked round the ring biting and shaking Mrs Petit’s skirt."


"A very pretty little sable got nothing in this class for walking lame."


"Miss Hamilton’s lovely little Manel died before he was out of Novice class; he never received the recognition he deserved, and has been more lamented dead, than he was ever admired alive."


"If he was the happy possessor of a Pomeranian’s coat, Cracker would be perfect, but alas his head, legs and back have only down upon them."


From a critique by Mr G Hicks (author and the owner of Viva mentioned earlier):-

"Hatcham Nip would have been higher, but he was rather out of coat and had bare patches on his face."

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