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Article written/researched by Vivienne Peterson BA - First published July 2007 - Copyright Protected



Ch. Dragonfly was born May 6th,1903*. His breeder was Mr Wilson of Manchester. He was registered with the Kennel Club as a shaded sable. His sire was the small black Cheetwood Swell and his dam Cheetwood Judy was described in Miss Ives' book as an exquisite sable who was unfortunately stolen from him. Judy was not registered with the KC which was very typical of brood bitches in that era. Full Pedigree of Ch Dragonfly given below. Dragonfly was described by Miss Ives as an orange shaded sable and her summary of his achievements can be found in her book in the section headed Shaded Sables. 

He weighed  5.5 lbs - which was well within the Standard of that era when they in fact still had challenge certificates for 'overweights' - being Poms over 8lbs. Our current standard suggests the weight for males to be ideally 4 to 4.5lbs. He was purchased by Miss Ives and campaigned by her after 1905. He won 6 challenge certificates. In her won book Miss Ives states his lovely colour was, " the foundation of the orange shaded sable as distinct from the wolf-sable colour." 

 He is recorded as siring three champions and was the grandsire of seven more. Pomeranians closely related to him gained 34 challenge certificates and according to Ives more than 300 winning sable offspring descended from him. Miss Ives was a keen enthusiast and was the President of the North of England Pomeranian Club - she had been exhibiting since about 1885. When Volpino's from Italy were considered by the KC to be Pomeranians she mentions how she owned a pair and showed them in brace. Miss Ives also owned Ch Boy Blue ( NOT as often recorded Blue Boy who was born in 1884 bred/owned by Mr F Hayward) ---- Ch Boy Blue was born Aug 1899 and was bred by Mrs Fisher.

 In October 1913 Miss Ives exhibited Ch Dragonfly as 'Not for Competition' at the North of England Pomeranian Club's 15th Annual Show at White City, Manchester. She was clearly very proud of her beloved dog and despite Dragonfly being 10 years old she considered him still worthy of being admired. At this point in time Miss Ives had been the President of this Club for about 15 years. His entry is re-printed below. At this show one of the trophies was dedicated to a son of Ch Dragonfly - Ch Pomland Dragon Fly which was given by Mrs Sturgess of New York for the best adult orange shaded sable with black tipped hairs, under 7lbs, and bred by exhibitor.  Another son of Ch Dragonfly was also sold to the American ( NYC) Mrs Caner Wiedersheim  for £60.

 I hope you have enjoyed my vignette of Ch Dragonfly and I hope he will continue to live on in the heart and minds of true Pomeranian enthusiasts whenever you have the pleasure of seeing an orange shaded sable Pomeranian.  

Ch Dragonfly died in 1915
Ch. Dragonfly's Pedigree 


- Ch Dragonfly  - born May 6th 1903  bred by Mr Wilson sh/sable

- By Cheetwood Swell Black x Cheetwood Judy an unregistered sable bitch

- Cheetwood Swell by Aigburth Prince x Rosebury Girl unreg.

- Aigburth Prince born 25th March 1895 bred by Mrs Addis

- By Bayswater Swell born May 12th,1892 bred by Mr Crang x Aigburth Queen born Aug 24th, 1892 bred by Mrs Addis

- Bayswater Swell was by Nubian King bred by Mr Mawley for Mr Crang who was by Peterle and Cosy - unknown ancestry.

- Swell's dam was Hiyya bred by Canon Dutton by Fritz and Magna.

- Aigburth Queen was by Ch Black Boy (photo right) born June 1st,1890 bred by Mrs Ireland. Black Boy was by Puck (by Blue Boy and Hiyya) & LuLu by Jet and Dot.

- Aigburth Queens dam was Kitsey born Nov 9th 1889 bred by Mr Kunkel who was by Teuffel - ancestry unknown  & Lady Daisy born Dec 18th,1888 of unrecorded ancestry.


* Date of birth stated above appears in the official KC registration of Dragonfly I have not found any errata in subsequent  Stud Books to alter this date. The information in the show catalogue gives another date of birth March 3,1903. Show catalogues even to this day often have printing errors so for the purpose of this article I have elected to use the KC date.

Research based on data derived from the Stud Books of the Kennel Club. Registration numbers are known but not included in the pedigree. Show Pomeranians by Miss Lilla Ives has also been the source of invaluable detail.

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