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Welcome to German Spitz and Pomeranian Project
New name - fresh look – here’s why………….


Pomeranian Project (formerly has reached its 10th year of providing you with as accurate and detailed an account of the history and development of the Pomeranian dog as possible. 


However it seemed an appropriate time to modify the name of the website as the next phase of this project will elaborate on the various, often regional, Spitz dogs of Germany (now known as German Spitz) and include recently available archive material providing a better understanding of early German viewpoints.


Research will continue to carefully analyse original documents and other primary sources – so hopefully no ‘fake news’ here! In the near future some articles and information in both German and English will be added in order to better include our German speaking friends in this ongoing breed history project. Meanwhile please bear with us while some editing and re-arranging of format takes place.


Your continued interest and support through the years is much appreciated.

New Articles added - November 5th, 2017
  • Here is a sample of the many 'firsts' revealed on the Pomeranian project:


    • Introducing Spado (Mr Spada) - the first known Pomeranian in America circa 1775

    • The earliest reference in British literature to a Pomeranian (so far) by Mrs Delany (1760)

    • The second reference in British literature to a Pomeranian by James Boswell 1764

    • Information about a 1764 'experimental' mating in London of a Pomeranian bitch with a wolf

      Facts about the diminutive shock dogs 'prick eared curs' from Iceland imported in the Tudor era

    • A history of the Volpino Italiano from a British perspective (breed considered a Pom at one time)

    • A study on Queen Victoria's Poms with pedigree details and notes on Italian origin

    • The catalogue of Arthur Seyfarth - 19th century breeder of Deutsche Spitze 

    • The world's first virtual 1895 Pomeranian Dog Show - breed history page 

    • Pomeranian Breed history as related by Canine Historians of the Victorian/Edwardian era. 

    • The influence of various Spitz breeds in the formation of the modern Pomeranian. 

    • 13 Generations with colours of Ch Mars  - foundation dog of the orange colour 

    • Pedigree of foundation orange sable dog Ch Dragonfly 

    • The first full Pomeranian breed standard as set by Stonehenge in 1878  

    • Standards of the UK Pom Club - 1892, 1898, 1901, 1906, 1909

    • A plausible explanation for the History of the American Eskimo Dog - see White spitz articles

    • The unjust vilification of the white Pomeranian or Spitz Dog in 19th century New York City 

    • Details of Colour Dilution Alopecia in blue Pomeranians arising in the late 1890s

Thank you to Brigitte of Chips Poms, Germany - whose expertise regarding the early Spitzes of Germany has been invaluable 

We are very proud to announce that the American Pomeranian Club has featured some of our new and exclusive articles in their 50th Anniversary Special Edition of the Pomeranian Review. We particularly hope that our American friends will enjoy reading about Major General Lee's dog Spado, the first known Pomeranian in America. Please visit: The Pomeranian Review


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